MPF vehicles

Mobile Protection Force: Four Specialized Vehicles

Mobile Detection Vehicle capabilities include environmental CBRN detection (chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear), sample collection kits and meteorological monitoring capabilities.
Mobile C3 Vehicle offers secure encrypted global and local communication, IRS interface, electronic mapping and GPS positioning, video surveillance capabilities, meteorological monitoring capabilities, and a cellular communications intercept system.
Mobile Laboratory Vehicle offers multiple advanced test capabilities of antibodies, PCR analysis and gas chromatography-mass spectroscopy. The laboratory vehicle also includes an on-board CB analysis system, personal protective equipment for extra vehicular activity, as well as handheld radiological –nuclear agent identification system, sample collection kits, bulk sample collection and management system, microscope system, rapid pathogen detection system, autoclave and filtration system, decontamination system for inboard samples, as well as handheld and standoff detection capabilities.
Mobile Medical Response Vehicle offers medical triage and decontamination capabilities. The vehicle specifications include sample storage capabilities, mobile advanced life support, blood bank and pharmacy, tactical and satellite communications, as well as medical laboratory analysis CBS, and SMA 17.