National All-Hazards Preparedness System (NAPS)

A public health and medical emergency management system that includes four core elements:

  • Preparedness
  • Detection
  • Response
  • Communications, Command and Control

EWP offers a customized, systematic evaluation of public health and medical effects concerning potential threats. NAPS allows clients to fully implement a collaborative incident command system, assuring adequate situational awareness, operational command and control including: action planning, logistics management, financial management, and the ability to recover assets efficiently upon completion of the response.

NAPS also provides clients with the needed training to optimize emergency management, assuring that clients have systematic and comprehensive abilities to save lives, reduce the burden of suffering, and rapidly recover from threatening events.

Mobile Protection Force (MPF)

Designed to protect government officials, foreign dignitaries, and other important personnel during transportation in the event of a CBRN attack.  The MPF contains four types of specialized vehicles:

  • Mobile Detection Vehicle
  • Mobile Communication, Command and Control (C3) Vehicle
  • Mobile Laboratory Vehicle
  • Mobile Medical Response Vehicle

Trainings and CONOPs


EWP facilitates and implements exercise programs targeted to a wide variety of threats including biologic, chemical, and radiation events, as well as natural disasters. Exercises include interactive tabletop or collaborative field designed drills, which are customized to each client’s needs. After an extensive analysis of the performed exercises, EWP provides an after-action plan that will both optimize preemptive response and mitigate foreseen risks.

Policies, Procedures, Plans (CONOPs)

EWP provides clients with a full range of policies, procedures, or plans. Concept of operations (CONOPS) may include broad policies regarding overall incident command or staffing standards, or may be focused on specific operational guidance such as critical standards of care in disasters. EWP provides specific guidance and training on biocontainment requirements for infectious disease, biosafety, and biosecurity. Clients are assisted in acquiring biocontainment capabilities both mobile and fixed.