Our Partners

East West Protection proudly partners with several state of the art companies specializing in detection, surveillance, and response.

E-N-G Mobile Systems, LLC

Mobile Technical Solutions for any application

E-N-G is a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialized vehicles producing a diverse line of mobile technology products since 1977. E-N-G designs, develops, and builds specialized vehicles with highly technical applications, including:

  • Command Centers
  • Communications Vehicles
  • Mobile Laboratories – BSL 1, 2, 3
  • Utility Operations Vehicles

Aerial Response Solutions

Advancing the next generation of unmanned operations

ARS is developing custom engineered and manufactured hybrid gas/electric VTOL drones as well as vehicle-based ground control stations. ARS’ Mobile Drone Centers and fully integrated long-range hybrid UAVs combine in ideal turnkey solutions for advanced UAS operations including: HAZMAT inspection and detection, emergency response, environmental monitoring, public safety and security.

What we offer

Mobile Laboratory

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Mobile Command Centers

Specialized Support Vehicles