Aerial Response Solutions 

Aerial Response Solutions aims to maximize and diversify the locations and environments wherein unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) work in conjunction with mobile ground assets. This gives operators such as: oil and gas, first responder agencies, and the military the added benefits of aerial and ground-based intelligence, support, and command and control.

This philosophy is based on the air mobility concept developed decades ago by the U.S. Army, combined with the emerging innovations of capable and reliable UAVs. We believe in advancing the possibilities of the next phase of commercial UAV operations, safely integrating into the national airspace system, all while maintaining the economic benefits of accomplishing tasks that can be completed by unmanned aircraft systems. 


ENG Mobile Solutions

E-N-G is a leading U.S. manufacturer of specialized vehicles. We are proud to be an innovative producer of a diverse line of mobile technology products since 1977. Our ability to take sophisticated, complex ideas and translate them into easy-to-operate, high-quality mobile systems has led to our success where we have delivered more than 1,500 specialty vehicles to customers around the globe.  ​

E-N-G designs and builds Mobile LaboratoriesWireless Support Vehicles (COWs and COLTs), RF Test PlatformsBroadcast News Vehicles, and other technical vehicles. We offer field-proven standard models for laboratory, wireless, broadcast and other applications. Standard models are quickly customizable and adaptable to meet customer-specific requirements.