East West Protection, LLC (EWP) is committed to building a safer world by developing and delivering integrated solutions to protect communities domestically and internationally from the impact of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and natural disasters.  Drawing from the world’s pre-eminent experts on the effects of chemical, biologic, radiologic and nuclear (CBRN) threats on public health and medical emergency preparedness, EWP provides end-to-end strategic assessment and technical assistance to create comprehensive customized solutions.

EWP is committed to earning the trust of its clients by providing services adapted to the local environment focusing on domestic preparedness and emergency response.  EWP’s approach to designing and implementing systems is to bring the right experts, effective processes and proven products together to protect against complex threats.

Our project teams bring the necessary skills for our clients to execute integrated command and control in addressing significant events.  We also offer a diverse array of disciplines such as policy writing, strategic planning, operations management, communications, logistics, training, and exercises.

EWP leverages relationships with partners and industry innovators to address the most complex challenges.  Integrating state-of-the-art capabilities rapidly and efficiently is one of EWP’s core competencies.

Above all, we collaborate effectively, we value our relationships, we fulfill our commitments and we respect different cultures.