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Led by a team of experts, possessing over 30+ years of military and federal disaster management experience, East West Protection provides emergency management consulting services with proven products and processes to protect against complex threats.

Expert Consultants, Services and Professional Assistance. 


East West Protection provides a wide variety of emergency consulting services.

East West Protection examines specific preemptive elements needed to assure timeliness and appropriateness of each component within the operational plan for each threat.

East West Protection evaluates your organizations overall Emergency Management program for risks and vulnerabilities.

East West Protection analyzes a healthcare system’s ability to monitor relevant sources of information during actual incidents or emerging hazards.

East West Protection assesses opportunities for improvement in procurement, warehousing, transportation and re-supply.

East West Protection analyzes the effectiveness of existing EOC policies and procedures, staffing patterns, and past emergency responses.

East West Protection assesses a healthcare facility and/or system’s ability to detect and respond to vulnerabilities focusing on the integration between public health, medical, and public safety plans.

Meet our Experienced Team of experts

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