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In addition to its founders and staff, EWP has access to a network of corporate and government relationships developed by the founders over many years.  These include former high-level government officials, technical consultants, as well as industry experts in the private sector.

EWP also draws from one of its members, East West Resources Corporation (EWR), a business development and consulting firm.  Established in 1990, EWR provides consulting services to growth-oriented companies capitalizing on the business expertise of its staff and an extensive global network of corporate relationships.  EWR’s team executes projects not only in a variety of industries such as telecommunications and life sciences, but also across a spectrum of functional areas such as strategic planning, financial analysis, organizational development, and operations management.  Specifically, EWR provides support through its President, Chip Frank, with financial management and international accounting expertise as a Certified Public Accountant and its General Counsel, Marcia Thayer Nass, with legal and business experience as an attorney in several industries.